In my career over the last two years I have learned the importance of mentorship. I decided I was looking for a mentor, I was looking to be mentored by someone who inspired me and who I wanted to learn from. Here are three questions to consider/thoughts

  1. A good mentor will always volunteer, they are never assigned
  2. A good mentor will always have time for you and inspire you
  3. Building a mentorship is like a friendship – it develops over time

I am a WHY person and I knew I needed a HOW person, the HOW person knows how to do things and simplifies it. The WHY person has many ideas, creates roadmaps, solves problems but needs the HOW Person to make it tangible.

Ask that person who inspires you to mentor you and I believe they will ask for you to mentor them.

Nicola Kent

Nicola Kent

Power of You

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and fascinated with tools to navigate change. I consult for individuals and businesses offering a practical hands-on-approach and empowering their ability to set up a strong framework from the start.